Firstplan Pty Ltd provides project planning and control services in the following forms:


project planning experts working on a project plan
a group of project planners working on the field
a project planning schedule calendar
a set of project planning documents on a table
three project planners working
construction project personnel looking at a project plan
heavy machineries in a rail construction site
computation documents for project cost
project plans with calculator and pencil


Firstplan can front end load your planning resource and then tapper off the planning needs to suit the projects changing needs.

Often, your client requires stringent planning and controls and this can be onerous on the team to set-up. For example, requiring earned value can hugely increase the set-up time;or they may require controls that do not match your company’s control features.

As the contractor you must establish an agreed baseline with the client to measure any changes against in future and do this as quickly as possible in order to establish the impact on these changes to your entitlement.

At the beginning of a project, setting up the plan of works and how it is to be monitored takes up a large amount of time. During tender, no time has been given to re-correlate all the changes of scope or methods agreed with the client and often options are still pending.

Straight after award, the Work Breakdown Structure needs to be fully developed and aligned to the final Cost Breakdown Structure by matching the project plan activity scope with the finalised costs. This requires work within the team to categorise these costs and understand how have they been developed by the engineers and evolved with subcontractor negotiations.

In the meantime the project is underway with procurement, designs, approvals and setting up of site which means all changes must be monitored and captured.

We at Firsplan will be able to provide you with the right support to make sure that every phase of the project is well planned for work and cost efficiency.

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