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Are you a Project Director or Project Manager for a construction project? Then you will know more than anyone that time is money… and that money can become a rising cost like the blocks of a Tetras game stacking up against your project budget.

At the beginning of a construction project you will have commonly lost staff with the knowledge of the project issues. Their skills often required elsewhere while they are awaiting for a decision from the client during the tender phase. Many other skilled resources penned in for the project can be typically reprioritized, delayed or no longer on the market.

Management resource plans which are your key source of preparing, planning and approval for the commencement of the works invariably become delayed. This is at the very least a probable opportunity cost to the project as opportunities to reduce direct costs and make completion dissipate over time.

Management resources which include all your technical staff such as engineers that help prepare contracts, manage approvals or designs are over allocated and usually commence late. If you fail to populate you project organisation chart in time you run the risk of missing the critical mass required to stay on target and in the end spend the life of the project trying to catch up.

Firstplan is the name you can trust when it comes to project management consultancy.